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2024 - SUMMER

Come on out and be part of the fun as our Summer Hitting Camp Series swings through your town this summer!!

Our Summer Hitting Camps are community-oriented camps, where we conveniently come to you... Which close to 70 Northern California locations on the schedule!!


Our Summer Hitting Camps have two simple goals; 1) Have Fun, 2) & two Get Better!!

And we all know the best way to become a better hitter... IS TO HIT... and hit a lot!!

And that's what we do at our Hitting Camps, hit a ton... While at the same time developing a solid foundation to grow as an overall complete hitter.


  • FOR WHO - Any player of any current skill level is welcome

  • AGES - 7U to 16U (Players grouped by age on the field)

  • COST - $150 (Early Sign-Up Special)

  • LOCATIONS & SCHEDULE - Please see the map below to see when we're coming your way and the dates.



On top of hitting as much as we can, players will also learn the following throughout the course of our Hitting Camp:

  • Fundamentals of Hitting

  • Hitting Set-Up Position (Universal Hitting Position) 

  • Most Important Aspect of Hitting

  • Importance of Being 'On Time' As A Hitter

  • Core 4 of Hitting 

  • Explosive Bat Speed Drills

  • Power Hitting Drills

  • Swing Design / Barrel Path

  • Using The Tee To Maximize Hitting Development

  • Pitch Recognition​​

  • Mental Side of Hitting

  • Bat Speed Measurements

  • Personal Video Tape Analysis

  • Personal Player Need Assesment

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