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Our Hitting Development Program is offered several times a year at various locations across Northern California.

The best way to become a better hitter... IS TO HIT... and hit a lot.

And that's what we do in our Hitting Programs, hit a ton... While at the same time developing a solid foundation to grow as an overall complete hitter.

Our Hitting Program is immense, we dive deep into hitting using time proved methods as well as new start of the art metrics & concepts... And when it's all said and done will cover every aspect of hitting.


  • Initial Bat Speed Measurement

  • Initial Exit Velocity Measurement

  • Fundamentals of Hitting

  • Hitting Set-Up Position (Universal Hitting Position)

  • Core 4 of Hitting

  • Most Important Aspect of Hitting

  • Launch Angle (Designed to increase a line drive & power swing)

  • Proper Way To Use The Tee To Maximize Hitting Development

  • Barrel Path (Inside - Middle - & Outside Pitch)

  • Approach to Hitting (Hitting Plans)

  • Pitch Recognition

  • Situational Hitting

  • Begin To Develop The Ability To 'Study' A Pitcher

  • Begin To Develop The Ability To Drive The Ball With EXPLOSIVE AUTHORITY To All Fields

  • Learn And Implement 'How To Prepare To Be A Successful Hitter'

  • Mental Side of Hitting


After completing our Hitting Program, players are welcome to continue their hitting development in our "Strive for Excellence Club", which is continued hitting development and training.

Our Strive for Excellence Club is designed for players to stay of top of everything they have learned and to continue down the road to be the best hitter they could be...


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